Architectural Committee

Architectural Committee Responsibilities

The Architecture Review Committee (ARC), chartered by the Mews Board of Directors in accordance with the Mews governing documents, is responsible for recommending community wide aesthetic and safety guidelines.  The ARC is also responsible for approving ARC requests and for periodically (usually annually) reviewing each townhome unit for compliance to community approved standards.  Ultimately the goal of the ARC is to help maintain the look and feel of the community homeowners bought into and to help the community maintain its desirability to potential buyers, while trying to give each homeowner the flexibility in maintaining a home they are proud of.

The original architectural concept of the Mews is similar to what is often referred to as a ‘Federalist’ look. Unit elevations, hardware (such as porch lights), color palette, etc. were initially all carefully selected to give the Mews a look similar to what one might expect to see in colonial times. Current ARC guidelines attempt to maintain that architectural concept.  When thinking about modifications to a unit’s windows and/or doors, it may be useful to keep this in mind.

While the ARC’s responsibility is to help maintain the overall look of the community, each homeowner should also think about any changes they make, that although they might be something the homeowner likes,every homeowner should recognize that changes they make not only impact their unit but also their neighbors within their building complex and the community in general. Just like you would not like your neighbor making a modification that potentially reduces your ability to sell your unit, they also have the same interest in how your unit is maintained. It’s part of living in a townhome community.

  • The Architecture Guidelines, which include, among other items, guidance on window, door (including garage) styles, unit color pallet, deck/fence limitations, etc. can be found in the MEWS Homeowners’ Guidebook on the Documents page in the resident portal.
  • Before making any changes to the outside of your unit it is strongly suggested the Guidebook be reviewed AND that an ARC request (also posted on the Documents page of the resident portal) be submitted.  The HOA has the right to fine homeowners for non-compliance and can prevent a home sale from occurring until a unit is brought into spec!

All standards and processes for the committee are located in our Governing Documents.