Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee is responsible for managing and maintaining Mews community common areas (other than landscaping, which is managed by the Landscaping Committee).  Areas of responsibility include items such as:

  • Trash pickup
  • Road repairs (paving, resealing, curb painting, etc)
  • Pool, multi-purpose court, tot lots
  • Sidewalks

Items within the Mews that ARE NOT the responsibility of the community include:

  • Sewer system, including sewer access points (responsibility of Fairfax Water)
  • Waste water retention ponds (the Mews community has two)
  • Mail boxes (they are owned and managed by the U.S. Post Office).
    • If you have an issue with your keys, please contact the post office, not Cardinal Management
    • It is against Federal Law to post notices on the mail box structure (besides which it makes them look terrible and the Mews community cannot repaint or maintain them in any way – the are the property of the Federal Government

Maintenance of common property is usually based on two needs:

  • Maintenance items that occur throughout the year caused by normal wear and tear.  The HOA Board’s annual budget allocates some funding each year for such items
  • The HOA Board hires an independent engineering firm to provide a five year maintenance plan.  This is where items such as road work, pool house maintenance, etc. is usually identified.  The results of this study is called the xxx and is available in the Documents Section

If you notice a maintenance item that should be reported, please contact the management company.